Monday, 6 June 2011

The Bones Chapel in Faro, Portugal

This post is again not about a cemetery. It is about a church in Faro, Portugal, or, to be more precise it's about the bone chapel i've visited there about 4 years ago.

The chapel wallls are covered with the bones and skulls of thousands. And it is a bit unclear where they took them from. Someone told me  that they are victims of the black plague and they couldn't find a decent place to bury them. Sadly though, i wasn't able to confirm this and so -at least for me- it remains a mystery.

Still, it's a creepy location but thanks to the authorities there you can't get there unnoticed anymore so the looting of bones has stopped. There was a time when it was unguarded and some sickos really had nothing better to do as to vandalize it and to nick the bones they could get hold of.

Here are the pictures:

The Church from outside.

One of the walls. The Chapel can be reached thrugh the church itself. It's outside in a courtyard.


The skulls are slowly disentegrating... makes them even more sinister..

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